When anyone contacts us to ask about a tattoo why ask them to come in for a FREE consultation?


Since Fidelio threw open the door to the beautiful people of Cambridge and beyond we have insisted on getting our customers to pop into the shop for FREE consultation with an artist before they book their tattoo. Why do we do this? Well the main reason is because we want peace of mind for the customer and for our artists. We want customer to come in and see us to have confidence in our studio, the artist and is a great time for customers to check out our hygiene and health and safety and that the studio is as nice as we say it is.

Not only do we want to give customer piece of mind by meeting the artist in person so you are confident you have chosen the right artist and studio we also want customers to go away from the consultation knowing that your soon to be tattoo is going to look amazing and is going to be exactly what you are looking for.

These consultations also help our artists out a lot. The artist gets a really good idea and brief of what you want and where you want your tattoo and they also have time to go through any reference material you have brought with you. There is no doubt about it Fidelio & Art have some amazing artists and those artists like to make will make sure your tattoo is completely bespoke for you and we will also make sure the placement and size will give you the best tattoo possible.

Spending 10 – 30 minute with an artist could save you lots of money!

Fidelio & Art are here to lead the way in  the changing world of tattooing and YES you will still be able to walk in to some old “traditional” style studios , give your design to a tattooist and an hour later they will start tattooing you but you have to think about the  design and quality of that tattoo. If you go down this rout you are a lot braver than we are and you will find the tattooist will more than likely charge you for drawing time and you will be waiting around for ages paying for the pleasure of sitting down or you will be sitting down thinking “I’m paying for this when is it going to start”

Spending ten minutes at the studio at least a few days before hand will save you all of this. When you arrive for your tattoo appointment you will be safe in the knowledge that when you arrive everything will be set up ready for you and the size and placement will also already be done so you can walk in, grab a coffee, fill out the consent form, five minutes later have a stencil on and ten minutes later be getting tattooed. We NEVER charge for the consultations or designs of a tattoo and will always give you a very fair price.

Your job is to make the most of your tattoo consultation

Before you come to see us we know you have been researching your tattoo for month right? You have seen 100’s of images and you have thought about what you want and where you want it and your job is to make the most of this consultation and make it as efficient as possible by giving the artist everything you have been dreaming about the design. Make sure you give the artist everything you possibly can all pictures, references, same styles, colours, shading and pictures of tattoos you have seen. Please be confident when you come and see us, our artists are really friendly and we understand that it’s your body after all so if there is something you don’t like then please let them know. This is an important decision and once a tattoo has been done its pretty difficult to get rid of so make sure you are 100% sure on what you want. Our artists may make suggestions about the design or give you suggestions of alternative body placing for the tattoo you are looking for but the final design is yours. Make sure you are 100% sure on where you want your tattoo. Your artist may suggest somewhere else as they can see it fitting better and so forth but if your definite about the placement then let

The one thing we suggest is that you not do is go into a consultation having no idea of what you want or what style of tattoo you want. If you would like a completely bespoke design form the artist that is fine but you still need to give the artist some idea of what you are looking for.

We look forward to booking you in for a consultation with one of our artists