Frequently Asked Questions
q-icon  When are you open?
The studio is open from Monday to Saturday 10.00-18.00
q-icon  How much do you charge?  
The best way to find out is to book a consultation with one of our artists. Price depends on the size of your design, how much detail is in it and how long it will take.
q-icon  How Much does it hurt?
The question that everyone asks! If it was excruciating pain, so many people all over the world wouldn’t get tattooed over and over again! Pain is relative though, so one person’s ”bit warm and scratchy” can be another person’s ”OW!”. Some parts of your body are more sensitive than others, so placement of your tattoo can be a factor too.
q-icon  Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, we need to take a deposit to guarantee the date for your appointment. Don’t worry though, the amount you pay comes off the price of your tattoo.
q-icon  How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
You must be a least 18 years of age. It is against the law for us to tattoo someone under the age of 18 so please don’t be offended if we ask to see official photographic ID.
q-icon  How much does a consultation cost?
Our consultations are 100% free! We have them so that you can come into the studio and have a chat with the artist you’d like to do your tattoo. These are a great way to discuss your idea and have your artist make suggestions, see where it would go and give you an idea of a price for you.
q-icon  How can I get a quote?
It’s best to book a consultation with the artist of your choice so you can discuss and agree on all the details, including time and cost estimates.
q-icon  How long is your waiting list?
Waiting lists depend on each artist’s schedule. The best thing to do is to send us an email, send us a message via our Facebook page or call the studio and speak to our receptionist to enquire about availability. Saturdays tend to get booked up the quickest because it’s when most people are free, so if you’d like to book a Saturday get in as soon as you can!
q-icon  When Can I see my design?
Our artists will usually have designs ready a few days before your appointment. Please remember that they have many designs to plan and draw as well as tattooing people! If your artist has the time, they will always endeavour to finalise your design as soon as they can for you. When you do see your design and you would like to change/add anything – please let your artist know at your earliest convenience.
q-icon Can I bring someone to my appointment?
Absolutely, provided they are over 18. They will have to wait in our reception area though, however we have Wi-Fi and refreshments available while they are waiting.
q-icon  Dutch Courage?
Please don’t drink alcohol before your tattoo appointment! Alcohol thins the blood meaning you may bleed easier. Please do not take any recreational drugs before your appointment either.