Sorin Cacio opened Fidelio & Art after ten years in the industry. Working from the ground up Sorin has fulfil his dream of having his own studio by opening Fidelio & Art in 2017. Sorin has always been interested in art and culture and spent his youth drawing and painting for both himself, friends and family.

Despite this interest and flair, becoming a tattoo artist was not a career choice that sprung to Sorin’s mind. He had moved from his native Romania to Spain and was working in security when a friend suggested to him that he should be a tattoo artist. It was then that Sorin thought ”Well why not?” and decided there and then to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. He didn’t take the normal route of finding an apprenticeship as he wasn’t aware of what to do but instead taught himself, using all the drawing and painting techniques he’d ever learned to help him.

Sorin soon discovered that his skills transferred to tattooing, and after learning and teaching himself for some time he secured his first job in a tattoo studio. From here, he was able to develop his skills further and concentrate on a discipline that truly caught his imagination – portraits and realism.

This style of tattooing is notoriously difficult to master and incredibly easy to get wrong. Fortunately, Sorin took the time to fully understand the style and see how it would work on skin – learning different techniques to ensure that the outcome was realistic.

From Spain, Sorin eventually moved to the Republic of Ireland to work and then to England where he has now settled. Here in England he honed his skills in other styles of tattooing, but now specialising in portraits and realism. His hard work and dedication didn’t go unnoticed as he won the award for Best Realism  in 2016 at the Tattoo Jam convention in Doncaster.

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